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Buffalo Springfield

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One day in 1966, Stills and Richie Furay were driving around Los Angeles when they spotted a hearse bearing Ontario plates. Behind the wheel was Neil Young, next to him bass player Bruce Palmer. With the addition of drummer Dewey Martin, Buffalo Springfield was born.

We were heading up to San Francisco. Stephen and Richie Furay, who were in town putting together a band, just happened to be driving around too. Stephen had met me before and remembered I had a hearse. As soon as he saw the Ontario plates, he knew it was me. So they stopped us.

I was on Sunset Boulevard, and I pulled up behind a hearse that had Ontario plates on it; I knew exactly who it was before I even saw who was driving. Neil had another hearse that had died in Thunder Bay, but this one was a Pontiac he'd driven all the way to California.

Upon arriving in L.A., they are caught in a traffic jam. A few lanes over are Stills and Furay who, after noticing the hearse with Ontario plates, assume it must be Young. In a few days they have a new band.

They were lumbering down Hollywood Boulevard when the Ontario license plates were spotted by two folkies Young had met up in Canada. Stephen Stills and Richie Furay pulled Young and Palmer over. There, on the street, they talked of their stalled careers. Stills and Furay's folk group had broken up, Stills had even failed an audition to join the Monkees because of his teeth. They decided to form a group, later adding Dewey Martin on drums. They named themselves after a tractor, the Buffalo Springfield.

Furay and Stills had moved to Los Angeles to start a band, and decided to seek out the enigmatic Young. In a traffic jam on Sunset Boulevard in Los Angeles in early April of 1966, the two chanced to pull up behind a battered black 1953 Pontiac hearse bearing Ontario, Canada license plates. Stalled in rush hour traffic ahead of them sat Neil Young and Bruce Palmer, tired, broke and on their way out of town following a cross country journey in search of their musical dreams. That chance meeting would ultimately change the face of rock music forever. They took their name from a brand of heavy asphalt roller and within weeks they were setting the Sunset Strip music scene on its ears and challenging all rivals.

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